Who’s Joeymum?

Hi, I’m Joey Law, founder of Joeymum.com

From 2009 to 2014, I had been diving into the children’s book business as I was intrigued by books and childhood education.

My daughter Hillary Yip is widely publicized as the youngest CEO who started her own EdTech company MinorMynas at the age of 11.

Since 2017, both of my children began their homeschooling education and we have never looked back.

I had written a column at Ming Pao newspaper on English children’s books and been featured by Playtimes Magazine as the “People to be Watched” in 2015. Most recently I’m also writing a Chinese parenting column for Mameshare.com.

As a parent, my goal has always been to assist my children to lead a successful life and bring out the best potential of them. Through my own parenting experience and what I had been exposed to in the children’s book business, I have formed my very own ideas about effective parenting and would love to share my ideas with like-minded parents. And that’s why I launched Joeymum.com.

If you are confused on what you should do in allowing your child to be admitted by the “good” school in the face of the fierce competitions; if you feel bothered by the term “winning at the starting line” but also worried your child might get limited choices should you not follow suit; if you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of responsibilities a new parent is shouldering, you have come to the right place.

The good news is you don’t need to figure it out by yourself! I will show you right from the start what you can do with your child so that they can be led towards the right path with the desired aptitudes and most importantly, attitudes. I’ll show you all the action steps to follow. I will discuss all subject matters in great details and provide the associated scientific proofs if available.

All you need is determination and persistence.

Am I giving you exactly what you want?

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A little more about me

I have two children, both born normal and are currently at age eleven and fourteen.

At the time when both of my children were born, I was working in an intense and high-pressure environment. I had once been threatened with signs of miscarriage while I was pregnant with my second child. My response? In fear of losing my highly sought after position, I naturally took all the works with me while bed-resting at home for 2 week (the doctor recommended 4 weeks and I negotiated it down to 2.)

Often times, I missed out the parental duties at school and couldn’t attend my children’s school trips. I felt utterly depressed and guilty. It was the dark period for me. It was only when my elder child was 6 and my younger was 2 that I left the job and started my own company.

So don’t assume that good parenting means you need to have all the time in the world to teach or be with your child. It is simply not practical in the modern society and I do speak for busy working mothers. You do the best you can.

The work-life struggles we encountered daily are real. However, our children will still grow day by day. When I was confronted with this realisation, I decided to take matters in my own hand and actively managed everything by planning them all out immaculately. Don’t get me wrong, life hasn’t been easy on us. Different surprises and incidents did get in the way but we eventually moved on.

I have faith in taking action and all we need is to start early. Both of my children started to read independently at the age of four organically – by that I mean I never used flashcards in their education. They read with full comprehension and took off from there.

I believe all children are destined to greatest. The key is they need to possess the right aptitudes and attitudes that ONLY US AS PARENTS can instill into them during their formative years: the eagerness to learn, curious about life, respecting all around them, and the inspiration and desire to leave their unique mark in this world.

We are actually changing the world by nurturing our children to their fullest potential!