How To Encourage Your Kids To Do Regular Exercise

A lot of people have asked me how do I encourage my kids to do regular exercise.

While Alexis generally enjoys all types of sports, for Hillary, it has not been an easy task. If given the choice, she would hide in a corner and read for the whole day. She detests sweaty activities as excessive sweating would cause rashes on her sensitive skin.

Throughout the years, we have discovered a couple of ways to deal with the issue:
1. Go with their interest
2. Make it easy for them

Go with their interest

Hillary loves pets. She begged us to adopt Captain while we had three cats at home. I was reluctant at the beginning and I made it very clear to her that keeping pet is a serious commitment – if we were to adopt the dog, aside from showering him with love, she must also deal with the dirty tasks as well as taking him out for walks frequently. 7 years on, walking the dog is one of the daily activities Hillary keeps at. I consider it good enough for a person who hates to exercise.

Make it easy for them

Yoga is another exercise we came to agree on. It is not a strenuous exercise and one can do it comfortably in an air-conditioned room. From my point of view, if there’s any exercise that makes it easier for her to feel good about and can build a habit on, it’s a win.

And I think these rules can apply to other situations. It just takes some creativity on our part.

~ Joeymum

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