Lessons that your child will never forget

It’s a fact that our children are well protected these days.

With everything around them being taken care of, our children seldom have the chance to taste life, particularly the darker side of it.

They take it for granted that everyone is supposed to be nice to them. Villains only appear in books, movies and news and have nothing to do with them. It is so not true.

I believe we should let them see the real world at an early age so they won’t be stunt or couldn’t react when unexpected events hit them.

Minor life experiences help.

Today, I tasked my kids to buy take-away from a nearby restaurant. An easy task, right? When they came home, my son proudly told me he had checked the change. When he looked at the coins closely, he realised that one of the coins was in such a bad shape that no one would ever want to touch it. He was in total shock and disbelief.


I sat him down and told him a story. When I was about 7, my mum once gave me $10 and asked me to go to the market and buy a piece of pork. It was quite late and she wanted to prepare the other ingredients first while I rushed to the market. It was a smooth task, I went to the butcher, told him what I needed, waited for the meat and ran home. Guess what happened? My mum was furious when she took the meat out from the plastic bag. The meat was smelly and had obviously gone bad. I don’t remember how my mum handled the meat or whether she went back to the butcher the next day. But the feeling that night with the mixture of shock, angriness and shame stayed with me forever.

So here is what I told my kids:

Do check the items that passed over to you. Voice out the issue on the spot. Don’t assume that people are cheating you, although it does happen occasionally. If you act sensibly, people will respect you and take you seriously, even if you are a kid.

~ Joeymum

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