On Writing and Speaking Well

When reading the book “On Writing Well”, I was stunned by how similar the most important rules the author emphasized compared to those of ‘on speaking well’. Having coached my daughter for 5 years on public speaking, I think I can speak confidently about it. At the end of the day, both writing and speaking are ways of expressing our thoughts in an organized manner. From this perspective, it’s totally logical that the advice is universally applicable to all who want to communicate well, by whatever means you choose.

If you can keep the list below in mind and practice all rules, I guarantee your content will stand out like never before. If you are a parent, pass this list to your kids and teach them at the right moment.

1. Keep it SIMPLE

2. Don’t use fancy words – those are for exams and occasional use

3. Know what you are talking about inside out

4. Have your readers and audience in mind when planning your article/book/speech, what goal do you want to achieve? Then write with the goal in mind

5. Be original and speak your mind – your unique voice is what makes your content interesting

6. Focus on one to two points only and be as detailed and personal as possible – it is where your material becomes interesting and different

7. Telling a story is the best way to get people listen and remember

8. Give yourself time to revise, rewrite and reorganize the flow


~ Joeymum

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